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Google TV adding kids-profiles in the US

Google recently announced that its Google TV software will add a popular customer request, separate profiles for kids.

Kid profiles will allow you to select apps that are available for young viewers.

In case for the child, a Google account is already existing, and you have the option to add that as a kid profile, however a Google account isn’t required, and you can additionally create a profile essentially a kid’s name and age.

Similar to Google TV for grown-ups, children will see recommended rows, age-appropriate shows to watch. With Google Play Family Library, you can also pick to share TV shows and movies you’ve already bought to the kid profile.

Saleh Altayyar, Google TV product manager, wrote in a blog post that three countdown warning signs will be greeted for your kids before a final “Time is up” screen shows up and exit their watch time. Altayyar added that you can always add some extra bonus time if it’s not a school night.

Parents have the option to set everyday watch time limits for kid profiles and enter an assigned sleep time. At least now, you will not need to manage kiddie content penetrating your own recommendations.

By setting a profile lock that needs a PIN to bypass, parents can hold kids back from switching over to regular profiles. With Google’s Family Link smartphone app, you can also see what time or how much time you kids are giving to their favorite apps, control app activity, block and unblock apps, and more.

The kid profiles’ backgrounds can be customized with different themes, and Google says it’ll add profile avatars in upcoming days or weeks. Remember that while Google TV adds kids profiles, it still doesn’t provide the ability to build any other adult profile than one, so hopefully, that isn’t a long way behind.

Starting this month, child profiles will roll out in the US to the Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV devices, with a worldwide expansion following the next few months.