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Windows 11 could be a free upgrade for Windows 7

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Windows next-generation update Windows 11 is going to be a free upgrade for Windows 10. Most probably, Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 would also upgrade to Windows 11 using apps such as Update Assistant Media Creation Tool.

For the past six years, Microsoft said it would release regular enhancements on Windows rather than an entirely new desktop OS version.

Since 2015, this is the first time when Microsoft is planning on June 24 Windows 11 announcements, and most probably, this upgrade will be available as a free upgrade to all Windows 10, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users.

Every year in April or May and in October or November, Microsoft has been releasing two updates under the new “Windows as a Service” strategy.

Windows 11 leaked build adds the needed configuration files where Windows 7 users, Windows 8 or 8.1 users could install the update using official tools directly.

Obviously, plans can change until the final release, and the next-gen Windows release may or may not allow free upgrades for Windows 7 users.    

Users without a genuine license can visit a store (nearby or Windows online Store) and buy a copy of Windows. Then they can install the Windows upgrade on their computers.

One can download updates from Microsoft’s servers, Media Creation Tool, Windows Update, Media Creation Tool, WSUS, Update Assistant, and some connected PCs in already update obtained organization.

If you upgrade to Windows 11, it seems to be a frequent updates release, and it feels like Microsoft will deliver Windows as a service continues.

Different than Windows 8, Windows 11 is optimized for different form-factors, including desktops and tablets.

Basically, it’s not a mobile-first operating system; however, it’s expected that mobile operating systems’ similar strategy will be employed, and Microsoft will enable a modular infrastructure to provide quick updates through Windows Store.   

Microsoft will also come up with delivering standalone updates for apps such as Paint and Notepad. It’s likely exact, and Windows 11 more updates will be known after June 24.